Artefact of the Month

Tom Armes Painting

We recently purchased this painting by Tom W. Armes to extend our collection of his work. Tom was a renowned landscpe artist, well known too for his classic British Rail posters of holiday destinations. He and his family settled in Sheringham around the start of WW2 and he lived here until his death in 1963, so naturally our collection includes a number of his beautiful paintings of Sheringham subjects.

The painting shows a lifeboat being brought ashore. It isn't the Sheringham lifeboat, but it appears to be identical to our Foresters Centenary, on display in our ground-floor gallery. Both the launch and recovery of a boat of this size on a gently-shelving beach are difficult operations, so the seawater-proofed tractor was an essential part of the process. You can learn more at Sheringham Museum.

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