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Our current position

To the best of our knowledge, all of our museum volunteers are safe and sound, keeping the dread virus at bay, which at least that is something to be happy about. We are missing the pleasure of greeting visitors, of course, and showing them our museum, but we know that this situation won't last forever. Our Directors are working on plans to reopen the museum safely - it won't be done in a hurry.

The Covid-19 pandemic has endangered our very existence, now, as it has for enterprises everywhere. Normally, as an independent museum run by and for the Sheringham community, we are able to manage without regular grants, but not this year.

It is with great relief, therefore, that we have accepted support from the Art Fund, North Norfolk District Council and Arts Council England that will keep the museum safe for the time being. We are very grateful for the help.

Nationl Lottery Logo

Arts Council England tell us that a very large percentage of their Emergency Relief Fund has been provided by the National Lottery, so a big shout must go out to our friends at the Lottery. Their Heritage fund has been a major player in the development of this museum, too.

"Recent Acquisitions" On-Line Exhibition

In place of our normal season-opening exhibition of additions to our collection during the last twelve months, we have constructed a short on-line version that you can browse here to see the highlights.

It takes the form of a slide presentation that you can navigate through (forwards and backwards) at your own pace. It is not too long, but it should give you a reasonable introduction to the Michael Harvey collection (knitting history and artefacts), new photographs and artworks, Sheringham ephemera, geological specimens, etc. that have been added to our collection.

Click HERE to start your tour!
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Colouring In

In the meantime, we have something to keep the youngsters (or the young-at-heart) busy ...... a colouring-in project. It's a lovely drawing of the Upper Sheringham mermaid. She is the central character in an old fishermen's fantasy (ask us when next you visit!). Click HERE to download it and send your finished job to us by post or email (details below) - we would love to see it!