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Our current position

The museum remains closed, of course, but much hard work has been done behind the scenes by our Manager/Curator, with the help of a small dedicated band of volunteers, both in updating our collection records and sorting through the attic store, where some interesting artefacts have been rediscovered! Items have been photographed, their condition checked and reports written indicating future conservation work that may need to be done.

Some displays in the Museum have been given a fresh look and new exhibits created. The Michael Harvey Collection, covering the history of knitting since the early 19th century with many references to the traditional fishermens' ganseys, has been an important area of development. Our Textile Team are working hard in developing a National Gansey Network. There is so much to look forward to when we are able to open once again.>

We normally rely very heavily on visitor numbers to cover our costs, as we have no regular funding stream. It is a great relief, therefore, to have received support from the Art Fund, North Norfolk District Council and Arts Council England that will keep the museum safe for the time being. We are very grateful for the help.

Nationl Lottery Logo

Arts Council England tell us that a very large percentage of their Emergency Relief Fund has been provided by the National Lottery, so a big shout must go out to our friends at the Lottery. Their Heritage fund has been a major player in the development of this museum, too.

Visit our On-Line Exhibition area ...

We set up a limited online exhibition system several months ago to gauge interest in virtual exhibitions. To date, nearly three thousand visits have been counted.

As a pilot study, it is quite limited in scope. Obviously an on-line visit cannot quite match.the experience of a real visit. However, on-line offerings enable us to preserve and present elements from past exhibitions. Our Summer Exhibitions, in particular, are the result of months of planning, research and design effort, so they may well live on in some form in our on-line catalogue

The online gallery is still available;  to open it, click on 'ONLINE' in the menu bar above.


Colouring In

In the meantime, we have something to keep the youngsters (or the young-at-heart) busy ...... a colouring-in project. It's a lovely drawing of the Upper Sheringham mermaid. She is the central character in an old fishermen's fantasy (ask us when next you visit!). Click HERE to download it and send your finished job to us by post or email (details below) - we would love to see it!