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Our volunteers have produced a small but steadily growing series of books that we know you will find interesting - details below.

All profits from sales of these books go into Museum funds and are used to improve, conserve and present our collection.

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John Craske - Fisherman Painter in Wools

(Lesley Lougher and Jan Hillier)

A well-researched book on the life and art of John Craske, the son of a Sheringham fishing family, born in 1881. His was a life plagued by ill health and he turned to model making, painting and embroidery to soothe his restless spirit.

He was 'discovered' in 1927 by an Americam poet with connections to the London and US art worlds and his career took an upward turn. He died in 1943, leaving an extensive list of works, now held in collections around the world. His works have appeared in numerous exhibitions and are keenly sought-after still.

Though a small book, it is well illustrated and referenced; it corrects several errors which have appeared in previous publications on John Craske.

(210mm x 210mm, 40pp    Price: £7 + P&P - UK only)

Sheringham Ganseys - People, Places, Patterns

(Second Edition)

(Rita Taylor, Lesley Lougher, Jan Hillier, Ken Holloway and Martin Warren)

An exploration of the world where the gansey (fisherman's pullover) was the iconic garment - the fishing communities of the UK (particularly the east coast) over the last two centuries.

Sheringham was a centre of excellence in the production of ganseys. The book looks at the history of gansey knitting, the techniques, general design features and dispels a myth or two along the line. It moves on to examine the history of the east coast fishing industry, living style and conditions in fishing families and charts the industry's decline over the last four decades.

There is a discussion on the well-known gansey knitting families in Sheringham, with examples of their work, and a view of current practice - a project celebrating the lives of Sheringham's best known fishermen.

The book includes a selection of knitting projects (large and small) with patterns, of course, for inspired knitters.

(210mm x 210mm, 84pp    Price: £10 + P&P - UK only)

The Raspberry Pi Recipe Book for Museums

(Philip Miles and Ron Wiebe)

A book which helps museum staff members break down some of their perceived technical barriers and experiment with low-cost interactive displays.

It starts with some history, explaining why Sheringham Museum set off down this track. There is a section on equipping the 'kitchen' with the tools and supplies you might need, then a brief section about software tools as well. Setting up the Raspberry Pi for projects is covered and then the book launches into a series of projects of steadily-increasing complexity. Each project is meant as a model for a particular style of interactive device.

You don't need to be a programmer to make good use of this book. The code for each project has been provided; you download it into your PC and copy it across into the Raspberry Pi. The code is well explained, however, as the authors hope that some readers might experiment further.

(210mm x 210mm, 96pp    Price: £15 + P&P - UK only)