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Textiles at the Museum


Sheringham has long been renowned in east coast fishing communities for the quality of ganseys - fishermen's sweaters - produced here. The Museum has a very significant collection of ganseys, recently supplemented by the very kind and much-appreciated donation from the estate of the late Michael Harvey.

You can explore our collection further by visiting our Gansey Page


The Craske Collection

We also hold an excellent collection of embroidery work by John Craske (1881 - 1943). Born into a Sheringham fishing family, Craske was dogged by ill health throughout his life. He occupied himself when he was incapacitated by painting; in later years when often bed-bound and unable to paint, he embroidered scenes of coastal life and events from his memory. His naive but perceptive style impressed collectors and he achieved international fame in his lifetime.

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The Museum's Textile Group

These important artefacts have attracted a lot of interest and the Museum now has established a Textile Group - volunteers who help with conservation, research into techniques, materials, patterns and traditions and with documentation.