Privacy Policy

Information we hold

The site is built using WordPress which uses cookies to record your preferences when you visit. Our installed security software will store information in the form of an IP address. We also collect some statistics of site use using Google Analytics. We receive no personal information. Your IP address is unidentifiable and is only visible to the website administrators. No identifiable information is shared with any third parties.


We collect email addresses from Members – people who offer them via a subscription form. No other details are collected. These addresses are stored in a MailChimp database which we do not administer and are used only to transmit occasional newsletters to those interested parties. Each of those messages carries an opt-out link for deletion of the email address.


For our Museum Volunteers we keep contact details (name, address, telephone and email details) plus the list of interests and skills provided by the volunteer. We record their starting date as volunteers as well. Volunteers registration forms have no expiry date, so their paper forms and database entries are kept for the term of their volunteer service. Volunteers may become Members of Sheringham Museum Trust and if they do, that status is recorded in our database.

Pre-digital records

No paper records now exist for our few remaining Life Friends but they have supplied statements authorising the museum to contact them via email or their postal addresses. These statements do not contain any contact information – that is held in our database. The statements are held in the Manager’s office, which is always locked in the Manager’s absence.

Use of Information

We use the information we hold to provide news services to our Friends and Members and to manage our Volunteers’ schedules. From time to time, bulk statistical information (e.g. number of volunteers) might be supplied in performance reports, etc., but no personal information is ever available to unauthorised persons. The museum does not share personal information with any outside body. This website with its associated database was developed in-house and is managed by museum volunteers.

Protection of information

All digitally-stored information is protected by strong randomised passwords. Communication with our website is encrypted and we have arranged additional software protection for our email services. We have minimised paper-based storage of personal information and we hold that documentation securely in the Manager’s office.