Sheringham at War – 100 years on


Sheringham at War – 100 years on

World War One Centenary Commemoration and Remembrance Project.
Authors: Peter Farley and Tim Groves.
65 full colour pages.


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Sheringham at War – 100 years on

Ed. Peter Farley and Tim Groves. Research by Iain Turner.

This book was produced in 2018 as part of Sheringham’s commemoration of the centenary of the end of World War 1, or the Great War, as it was then known.

The book presents the results of many months of intensive research into the histories of the Sheringham people who died in the conflict. It also brings into focus the many changes to life in the town during the conflict as we adapted to 20th century progress but at the same time lost so many young men to futile battles.

Sheringham was one of the first towns in Britain to suffer an aerial bombing and the event is well detailed. The book has the stories of the fishermen who were in constant danger from submarine attacks, and of our lifeboat crew who went above and beyond in some particularly difficult rescues.

This book and its partner covering the Second World War do not attempt to replace the imposing Sheringham War Memorial but they do an excellent job of supplementing it with stories of the human side of war.

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